Submersible Pump

Output: 1/4Hp, 180W
Outlet: 32mm, 1-1/4″
Max Flow: 128 L/Min
Max Head (Pressure): 6m (59 Kpa)
Size: 440 x 205 x 130 mm
Ideal For: Grey water

The VF150 is a single phase drainage pump with cast iron construction making it durable and providing a longer life cycle. With flows up to 130 litres/minute and being able to pump soft solids up to 15mm diameter, the VF150 is rated highly as a versatile plumbers mate. Applications include septic effluent disposal, water transfer, grey water and sump pumping liquid including grey water of neutral pH with soft solids up to 15mm O.D. at a 10% content or fine solids at 1% concentration.

Domo 1000/4 Sumpmate PUMPMASTER

Submersible Pump

304 stainless steel multistage pump. Can be used with electronic controllers. 40m Head with 91LPM.